Bao Bao

Your boss. Bao finds you abandoned near the honeypot, and is quick to give you a home and work. Bao always seems to have a smile on his face, perpetually cheerful and selfless. Perhaps his kindness will make him easy to win over.

Lily Lily

One of your coworkers in charge of upkeep. Lily is slavishly devoted to her job, and very by-the-book. Unusually quiet and diligent, she exudes an aura of coldness. However, could this perhaps simply be a mask to hide her true self?

Vaqui Vaquita

Vaquita is a laptop working at a nearby research facility. She drops by during break to hang out, and is brimming with childlike exuberance.

Zed Zed

Zed is a humanoid game console that hangs out in a nearby arcade. He is fun-loving and good natured, but tends to be overly cautious and panicky. Could there be a secret to why such a seemingly strong person would be so easily unnerved?