Shikine Seiji
age: age: 26 (mentally)/4 (chronologically)

A refurbished android with a harrowing past. Seiji can appear cold initially, and has difficulty trusting others -- including his family and friends. His distant nature belies a vibrant and often charming personality.

Despite his imposing appearance, he is surprisingly soft spoken, and easily flustered. He has a tendency towards rash decisions, and manages to get his foot in his mouth more often than not.

Catherine Beaumont
age: 26

“Mother” to Seiji and Hokuro, Catherine is energetic, bubbly, and often inappropriate. Her playfulness often gets in the way of her tact, to the embarrassment of her loved ones. But could that demeanor hides a deeper hurt?

Deeply maternal and passionate, Catherine won't hesitate to come to the rescue of her "children", even when the odds are stacked against her.

Hokuro "Kuro" Beaumont
age: 23 (mentally)/4 (chronologically)

A gynoid made for personal companionship. Hokuro tends to be messy and apathetic. When she has the energy, she is simple, fun loving, and affectionate to those she's close to.

She isn't without her thorns, though. A single child for most of her life, Hokuro can be extremely clingy, and chillingly bitter.

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