Routes and Completion

Q. How can I tell if I have 100% completion?

A. Check your gallery and sound test. If you have all the CGs as well as all the music (some scenes have unique CGs, most that don't have unique music but no CGs), you're more or less 100% completed. Keep in mind that Zed's (second) bad ending has a CG, while no other character's bad ending has one. But you're really not going for those, anyway, and they are fairly obvious to get.

Q. I'm missing a CG/song/port.! Where do I find it?

A. There are some easy to miss CGs/Songs in various routes.

For Lily's:

*Did you try to get "close" with Lily as soon as the option became available? Some ports are exclusive to Lily's (many) nonstandard gameovers.

For Zed's:

*Did you get Edwin to explain more of Zed's backstory? This portion contains several CGs and a unique song.

*As mentioned, try getting his second bad ending.

For Ime

*The Neutral ending is easy to miss. Go through Lily's route. The last option menu branches off into 3 endings, Lily's good, bad, and neutral ending.


*The overall bad ending has a unique song and is -very- easy to miss, as it is very counterintuitive. Basically, you want to try to avoid any interaction with -anyone-.

Q. Does Vaquita have a route?

A. Yes. However, Vaqui's is the "odd one out" of the group, as it is more platonic than romantic.

Production and Resources

Q. How did you make the music/backgrounds/etc.?

A. The music was made with Acoustica Mixcraft, the backgrounds were made in Google Sketchup, with minor alterations in Photoshop. The game itself, as mentioned, was made with the Ren'py visual novel engine.

Q. What is the inspiration for the computer designs?

A. The computer characters are mainly inspired by Asian Ball-jointed Dolls (or BJDs). With personality traits derived from the systems they are supposed to be analogous to.

For example,Ime, an old computer, has tsundere tendencies similar to the instability of older computers. Zed, a rather blatant Xbox analogy, appears strong and appealing, but has very surprising and crippling weaknesses. Many design aspects are drawn this way as well.