SHAYNN HAUGENIllustration and Character Design


A CG/event scene for the cancelled "DUÆL" remake. As with "Tragic Monster", this CG is associated with a difficult-to-get ending and thus would be rarely seen anyway, which is a shame.

A slight vignette draws the viewer's eye directly to the subject, where the bright vein-like lights hold them. I think the pose especially conveys the character's pained expression.

  • Digital
    • Photoshop


The name's Shaynn, though as an old-school internet denizen I usually go by 'Mole'. I dabble in all sorts of narrative mediums, from comics (previously) to books to games. I also draw sometimes.

This section of the site serves as a selective little gallery to display and organize my work that can get so easily lost or scattered in the present,transient state of the web. I hope you enjoy perusing it! Heck, maybe even let me know if you do. I'll be absolutely tickled.