Cadfael Trow

Age: 19
A mysterious swordsman originating from a popular fighting game in-universe. Little is known about Cadfael's past. His rough appearance and reaction to Walter suggests he was a peasant, and still may not be well-to-do. Normally quiet, but can be quite rash and endlessly inquisitive and curious.

Though experienced in battle, he sometimes does not immediately realize his own limitations. Acts as a foil to Walter, in that while both are very soft-spoken, Cadfael is open to the world and makes friends easily. He also acts as his guide initially, exposing him to the parts of the world the game did not show.


Walter Blake

Age: 17
A young man from “our” world. A shut-in for the most part, Walter is at a distance from everyone, but does not consciously acknowledge it. He is considered an “outsider” in the group, and communicates mostly to/through Cadfael.

Lucille Durant

Age: 15
A young, inexperienced magic user. She is quiet and apologetic, but eager to learn and serve. Much more overtly emotional than the rest of the cast, and easily worried.

Strongly implied to have been failing at her craft for several years, which may account for her inferiority complex and eagerness to prove herself. She seems to have known Cadfael from when they where both younger, but hasn't seen him in years.



Age: ??
A large bear-man that relies mainly on physical attacks. Acts as the “voice of reason” in the younger, more impulsive group. He tends to be overly protective of his group, especially Lucille, which is reflected in his combat position as a damage sponge.
Black Mist

Black Mist

A mysterious force that is quickly enveloping the world. Treated as an eldritch abomination that corrupts and destroys everything it touches, and can take many forms. Named for it's appearance, which appears roughly as a blocky black “mist” before attacking. The true attack form is not conceivable to the human mind. Though harmful, it is not actively malicious, simply distorting the world beyond recognition by its nature.

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