About the Game

DUÆL is a Visual Novel with RPG (role playing game) elements.

A visual novel is a type of text-oriented, story driven game most popular in Japan, where the plot is advanced by presenting the user with choices that affect the outcome of the game.

DUÆL utilizes the story-driven nature of the visual novel and combines it with RPG conventions such as turn-based combat, character stats, and levels, to present its story in an exciting and interactive way.

The player takes the role of Walter, a teenage boy who finds himself in control of a fictional swordsman who turns out to not be so fictional. In this way, the player can experience the story from a vantage point very similar to the protagonist, deepening their immersion in the story.

The game is very heavily story-based, with 3 possible endings. An average run of the game takes 6 hours.

The final build of the game has been released on 7/2/2013.

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