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Thanks For Everythin’


A CG from the short visual novel "A Mechanical Raven's Egg", created for the 2023 "Trans Rep Game Jam" and "Nonbinary Game Jam". As with the CG's for "Talpin University", the game utilizes a simplified cel-shaded style in order to achieve a one month turnaround, with some pop added by compositing.

  • Digital
    • Clip Studio Paint
    • Blender


A character originally from a tabletop campaign that failed to launch, then an unannounced project that's still in the queue, now just hanging around haunting my brain.

I originally just wanted to draw a playful riff on the programming socks meme for character-related reasons, but it ended up as an exercise in new coloring techniques. I'm particularly proud of the pose and anatomy, as Elis treads a weird line with their petit stature but very well-defined features.

  • Digital
    • Clip Studio Paint


The name's Shaynn, though as an old-school internet denizen I usually go by 'Mole'. I dabble in all sorts of narrative mediums, from comics (previously) to books to games. I also draw sometimes.

This section of the site serves as a selective little gallery to display and organize my work that can get so easily lost or scattered in the present,transient state of the web. I hope you enjoy perusing it! Heck, maybe even let me know if you do. I'll be absolutely tickled.