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(Due to a significant queue of professional and development work that would prevent delivery in a timely manner, 3D model commissions are closed to the public until at least mid-2025. Business partners may still request the form link. We apologize for the inconvenience.)


As model commissions use an “a-la-carte” system wherein the final price is determined by the commissioner’s desired features, it is not possible to quote a price up front. Here are, however, general estimates of common orders.

  • Complete, from-template model in .BLEND format with no extra services: $225
  • A complete outfit, fully rigged: $130
  • A hair style, fully rigged: $50


To order a model, please take the steps below:

  • Confirm commission status above.
  • Review the terms of service
  • Complete the online form at the bottom of this page
  • An invoice for 50% of your order’s total value will be emailed to you, along with any questions should I have any. The remaining total will be invoiced on completion of the model.

A more in-depth overview of the commissioning process is also included in the terms of service. If you have questions at any time please contact me!

Please note that models, unless otherwise ordered, are created from pre-existing templates and altered to suit your character through careful and individualized morphs. This is not a defect, but a standard technique that allows me to create your model in a timely fashion. Completely bespoke options are available, but will be priced accordingly.


I currently have assets in place to create models of the following subjects:

  • Humans (in my own style)
  • Humans (in anime style)
  • Furries (Canid)


Sample models created using this ‘a-la-carte’ pipeline are available below.

Elis Resnik
Character © Adrian
Character © Meta

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