Q. What Programs Do You Draw With?

Photoshop CS5

Q. Do You Take Requests?

A. No.

Q. Do You Take Commissions?

A. Generally, no. I may be willing to field individual ideas on a case-by-case basis. My rates and guidelines can be found here.

Q. Will you help me with my game/project?

I'm flattered, but unfortunately am already quite busy with my own work! I may be willing to provide small art assets as freelance work, but very rarely. Once again, see my rates.

I am, however, willing to assist however I can with code I have released. If you are seeking to incorporate my code in your project, feel free to contact me.

Q. Can I Use Your Artwork?

A. For personal use only and with clearly visible credit. Please do not use my work in your own projects. I do not have any sort of infrastructure for individual image licensing, so while I would be very flattered, please don't ask.