Terms of Use

Below are the most common terms of use included with my distributed models. Please be aware that these terms may differ between models, especially older ones.

Always read the “readme” included with the model for its particular terms of use.

You MAY:

  • Convert the data to another format, provided the author data and/or readme are included with or embedded in the model.
  • Make changes to improve the performance of the data. This includes adding bones or sliders, improving physics, or adding other functionality.
  • Make visual alterations to the data as long as the character remains the same.
  • Use the data in any noncommercial work
  • Distribute any alterations of the data, provided it satisfies the above requirements.


  • Distribute the data “as-is”
  • Use the data in any commercial work.
  • Use the model in a way that harms or defames others.
  • Alter or extract any portions of the data for use in another model data.
  • Remove, alter or exchange the model’s face.
  • Remove the readme, embedded author data, or other artist’s marks from the model.

  • Moleworks claims no responsibilities for any damage incurred from the use of these models.
  • In the case of fan-created models, Moleworks claims no ownership of the character being portrayed, nor any affiliation with their rights holders.

If you wish to link back to me when crediting my work (which is not required, but certainly appreciated), please include a link to this site, (mole.works).

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